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As your small business grows from one to one hundred, you’re likely to go through some technology growing pains: network slowdown due to too many users, computer crashes, lost data, and endless hours troubleshooting. Don’t learn your tech lessons the hard way. Allow DNG to intervene and eliminate all your IT issues in one go. We can manage everything from day-to-day helpdesk requests to VCIO type strategic planning efforts. And since 1997, we’ve been doing just that for tax accounting, legal and manufacturing firms, medical practices and many other types of businesses.  Data Network Group specializes in Boulder IT Support and Denver IT Support.

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  • os33
  • swatsytems
  • digium
  • fortrust

“Worth every penny”
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We've done a cost-benefit analysis on their offering and it's much less expensive than what we'd have to spend to hire a whole IT team. We would have to spend more to get less. DNG's service is worth every penny and is a great value.

Manager of Finance and Administration

...we are impressed that you guys seem to be continually “upping your game” to give us quality, proactive, high touch service. We truly appreciate your commitment to our daily IT stability, future planning and putting yourselves in our shoes to efficiently and successfully grow our business. To hear all that’s happening behind the scenes and the amount of time you’ve spent planning for our needs, your proposals, and potential cost containment or reduction is appreciated and very comforting.


Why we care about your success

Simply put, when your business grows, so does ours. If that’s not enough motivation for us to deliver outstanding service, then we don’t know what is. That’s why DNG is committed to being your partner in IT every step of the way. Let our friendly, professional team of technology experts usher in your next era of growth. Once you’ve experienced just how smooth your IT operations can be, you won’t regret it.

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