...we are impressed that you guys seem to be continually “upping your game” to give us quality, proactive, high touch service. We truly appreciate your commitment to our daily IT stability, future planning and putting yourselves in our shoes to efficiently and successfully grow our business. To hear all that’s happening behind the scenes and the amount of time you’ve spent planning for our needs, your proposals, and potential cost containment or reduction is appreciated and very comforting.


We've done a cost-benefit analysis on their offering and it's much less expensive than what we'd have to spend to hire a whole IT team. We would have to spend more to get less. DNG's service is worth every penny and is a great value.

Manager of Finance and Administration

McElroy, Meyer, Walker & Condon, P.C.

Since signing on with Ultimate Care, it seems like we have had very few computer emergencies or down time. I’m not the middle man all the time now. Everyone can go right to the source when there is a problem.

I appreciate that you are always watching over our equipment, software, licenses, warranties, etc. I can let that go.

Legal Administrator Boulder, CO

Aspen Seating LLC

Thank you very much! I received a call right away and the issue was resolved.

Seating and Manufacturing Technician Sheridan

Kirkland & CO

Rob was very patient and found me a quick solution to the problem in less than 10 minutes! I appreciated his patience since I am on crutches and the Mac is not near a phone.

Great job, again!

Business Owner

Advance Tooling Concepts

We have just started working with DNG and I was very pleased with the response time to take care of the problem we had.

Owner/Partner Longmont

Thank you so much for your quick response and for helping me in the evening to get the remote connection working from my home.

Predictive Modeler Denver, CO

Boulder Chamber of Commerce

This was an obvious spam email that I forwarded to let you know it's out there. Kyle provided a very quick response and took the initiative to block the sender for me. I appreciate the extra customer service. Thanks!

Boulder, CO

Rocky Mountain Fire District

You guys rock! Megan is awesome! Jeremy has helped me with me "rogue" laptop, multiple times! Plus he lets me talk his ear off! Thanks Guys!