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As one of today’s most popular technology solutions, cloud computing offers an easy way to access the data or services you need, without having to buy and maintain the hardware or software to support them. With cloud computing, you only consume what you need and don’t have to worry about the infrastructure it takes to make it work, thereby eliminating the hassle of IT management and maintenance for good. However, there are some challenges that working in the cloud presents, including having to deal with multiple IT vendors to implement piecemeal solutions that are never fully integrated or centralized.

No longer let outdated technology hold your business back

Introducing OfficeAloft Cloud Desktop…

OfficeAloft Cloud Desktop from Data Network Group, Inc. integrates the best of cloud solutions and provides a single platform with all of the tools your company needs. All of your applications, from Office to accounting packages to ERP systems, are there; plus, all of your data and files are organized and backed up automatically. OfficeAloft Cloud Desktop delivers your entire network securely, reliably and affordably. That means no more risk of managing infrastructure, no more keeping up with Microsoft upgrades and no more large capital investments – you pay for only what you need.

OfficeAloft Cloud Desktop FAQ

Yes. Since all of the processing power comes from OfficeAloft Cloud Desktop, the performance of your computer is not critical. If your computer turns on and connects to the internet, you’re good to go! The day your desktops physically stop working, you can replace them with inexpensive thin terminals.
More than ever! With OfficeAloft Cloud Desktop, your network is placed in state-of-the-art SAS 70 compliant data centers. These data centers have security measures in place the average business could never afford to implement. Dual power grids, cooling systems, full surveillance, biometric restrictive access, multiple gigabyte internet connections and the latest equipment an IT manager could only dream of. These data centers are able to guarantee 99.999% uptime and full backups of your network. Then, you are in complete control of who is able to access your network and how. You can restrict your users’ access to their accounts by device, time, and enforce security policies like two-factor authentication.
OfficeAloft Cloud Desktop provides 24/7 monitoring and support for your network. Our experienced and certified engineers make sure your network is running properly. Users can even request support directly from their WebTops. Whether you forgot your password or you experience any technical issues, we will be there to help.
Yes. Everything you run today will run on OfficeAloft Cloud Desktop. Occasionally we come across some custom developed proprietary software. Our engineers will test your company’s custom software to ensure compatibility and ensure that it will work properly on OfficeAloft Cloud Desktop.
OfficeAloft Cloud Desktop delivers your network through what we call a WebTop. It is like a desktop but better! The WebTop is accessed through your web browser and serves as a single dashboard with access to all of your applications, files, email, and even has customizable gadgets and links each user can customize to help them throughout their work day.
Tablet users love OfficeAloft Cloud Desktop. Whether it’s an iPad or Android tablet, OfficeAloft Cloud Desktop gives you the exact same functionality you have using a PC. Unlike using a remote desktop application, your iPad or tablet will connect directly to OfficeAloft Cloud Desktop and deliver all of your company applications, files, email and more. Some clients are even using iPads company-wide as their main access device.
You found the right website! Many IT professionals are facing budget constraints and are having to do more with less. OfficeAloft Cloud Desktop will give you all the functionality you need to manage hundreds, or even thousands of users, without dealing with mundane server management, patching and deployment. Spend less time managing users and more time implementing core business initiatives that help the bottom line. And with the support team at OfficeAloft Cloud Desktop, you’ll feel like you just added an entire department of engineers to your department.
OfficeAloft Cloud Desktop pricing depends on the requirements of your particular network. We’ll work with you to figure out exactly what applications you need, how much and what speed of storage you require, and what type of processing power you need dedicated to your network. Based upon these requirements, we will show you the best option to save on your overall IT expenses. Our customers not only save money, but they also gain the efficiencies of OfficeAloft Cloud Desktop computing anywhere, anytime and on any device. Contact us today and we will be happy to discuss pricing and the long list of savings you can benefit from.
No, the Internet connection you use today is probably sufficient. During our initial network review we will test your connection and make any recommendations on changing to a better or more cost effective ISP.