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4 business technology trends coming to a city near you

The technology your business uses on a daily basis can have a major impact on internal operations. And if maintained properly, it can improve efficiency and increase productivity.

That’s a given.

However, what most small to medium-sized businesses tend to overlook is that technology can also have a major impact on other facets of your business, like customer service and brand awareness.

Use technology in innovative ways and you can make your business considerably more memorable. But more specifically, jump onto current technology trends and you’ll likely experience benefits you’ve never even considered.

Here are four powerful small business technology trends to be on the lookout for.


Fortune 500 companies aren’t the only names in the chatbot game. In fact, a large majority of chatbot aficionados are run-of-the-mill startups. They piggyback off well-known services like Zendesk and Converse to launch custom-branded chatbots with minimal to no coding required.

At the end of the day, Chatbots give smaller companies the opportunity to keep up with the growing demands of consumers. They can spread advertisements, hold conversations, provide service, or even make recommendations. With one simple tool, a business can save time, increase customer interactions, and even improve brand awareness.

Remote Work

These days, employees come from far-off places … and then stay there. A company now has the invaluable opportunity to expand its search for that perfect employee beyond the confines of its own backyard. And this is all thanks to technology like video conferencing, team management platforms, and cloud-based business applications — all things that make working remotely a much simpler feat.

In fact, 43% of Americans spent time working remotely last year. And although the number of employees who worked remotely for one day a week fell heavily from 2012 to 2016, the number of employees who worked remotely for four to five days grew significantly. Clearly, this demonstrates that American companies are more willing than ever to embrace remote working for longer periods of time.    

Mobile POS Tools

Many people make the argument that over the next few years things will shift from conventional cash registers to tablet-based POS. And rightfully so.

A tool like Square makes it easy for any business to sell from anywhere — whether you’re a farmer setting up shop at the Farmer’s Market or a small business owner who runs a popular coffee shop downtown. This tool in particular looks nice, works well, and does its job better than most conventional cash registers ever will. But Square isn’t the only POS tool on the block. Your business can use anything from PayPal Here and Intuit GoPayment to Vend and iZettle.  

The IoT, Drones, and VR

When it comes to your business, you aren’t limited by technology — that’s for sure. In other words, you don’t necessarily have to build or sell a drone to benefit from it. And the same holds true for the Internet of Things and virtual reality. Just take a look at Amazon. They plan to use drones to implement two-hour delivery in certain locations. And how about Lowe’s? They currently use virtual reality to help customers visualize a kitchen remodel.

These are the technologies that can make your business more memorable. But that’s not all. In the case of Amazon, drones make them more efficient. And in the case of Lowe’s, virtual reality improves the customer experience. As cliche as it sounds, it’s important to think outside the box and to find innovative ways to leverage technology within your business.

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