Man using chrome tricks to speed up his productivity.

5 Hidden Google Chrome Tricks You’ll Want to Use Every Day

Web browsers have a lot of hidden power that can help streamline your day. When you spend hours in front of a computer screen, even small time-saving tricks can really add up. To turn your Google Chrome browser into another great productivity tool, here are a few tricks you can set up to help.

1. Use the Omnibox to Search Sites, Not the Internet

Sometimes, you need specific information from a specific site. Maybe you want information about a part from a vendor, or you want contact information for your customer service representative. In either case, the last thing you want to do is sort through millions of hits on a search engine page. See that little box at the top of Chrome where you type in website addresses? That’s the omnibox, which lets you run site-specific searches. To set it up, follow these steps:

  • Go to Settings and select search engine.
  • Then, click on manage search engines.
  • Add sites (additional search engines, research sites like Wikipedia, or other commonly used locations) to your list of sites available for quick searches.
  • Type in the website url for your search. For example, type in and you will see a prompt at the far end of the box. Hit tab to search within the site.
  • Enter your keyword phrases and hit enter.

That’s it. You’ll be searching for site-specific information in no time.

2. Drag Groups of Tabs

When you’re working on several things at once, it’s easy to lose track of tabs. While most people know that you can organize your tabs by clicking and dragging, you might not know that you can move a group of tabs the same way. Want to move everything from one search set into its own window? No problem. Simple hold down on the Ctrl key and click on all the tabs you want to move as a group.

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3. Faster Search Controls

When scrolling through a site, you might find a phrase that needs clarification. Instead of opening a new tab, copying the phrase and running a new search, there’s a faster way. If you highlight the text and right-click, you’ll see an option to run a google search for the text. Plus, the search page will open in a new tab, so you won’t lose the page you were reading.

4. Auto Load Most-Used Sites

If you visit a few sites on a daily basis, why waste time typing in the address every day. Instead, set those pages to load at startup. If you do, every time you open Chrome, your pages will be ready and waiting. To do this, simply:

  • Type chrome://settings into the omnibox.
  • Select the open a specific page or set of pages option under the on startup heading.
  • From there, you can either set pages or use the tabs you already have open.

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5. Carry Your Settings to Every Device

If you work on multiple machines, you don’t want to have to customize the Chrome settings every time you sit down to get started. With Chrome sign in options, you can keep your settings on any machine. At the top of the browser window is the name of the person logged in. Simply click on the name and change the user to see your settings and extensions start running.

While none of these tricks will save you hours of time all at once, even a few minutes can add up. Save just five minutes a day and that’s half a week of work at the end of the year.

Find More Productivity Tricks for Your Business

Google Chrome is easy to customize and optimize for your benefit. However, there are lots of bigger, more complex things that you can optimize for great effect. We’re talking about IT budgets, IT infrastructures, data backup processes… you name it.

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