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5 Things to Consider When Creating a Technology Plan

All companies need technology – whether it’s a mom-and-pop shop in the middle of nowhere or a Fortune 500 company in a busy city. This being said, every company needs something a little different, and “this little something” can easily be determined with the help of a technology plan.

Here are 5 things to consider when creating your business technology plan.

Understand Why You Need a Technology Plan

When you’re making choices about what technology to adopt for your business, it’s important to remember how expensive technology can be to replace, upgrade, or tweak. In other words, when you create your plan, consider where your company will be in the next 5-10 years. This will help you incorporate technology that is scalable and has the ability to easily change as your business changes.

Assess Hardware Products and Software That Match Your Needs

Don’t get bogged down by the additional tricks, features, and hidden gems that certain technologies can offer. Focus on what you actually need, and pick something based on those needs. If you shoot for technology because of the “endless perks” it has to offer, it could unnecessarily complicate things for you and your team.

Secure Support Services

When you’re in the process of building your plan, make sure to account for things like installation, troubleshooting, security, employee training, and upgrades. This typically means you need to work in some sort of support service – whether this is an on-call technician or a full-time managed service provider.

Prepare a Disaster Readiness Plan

Company-wide disasters happen all the time, and whether it’s a hurricane, fire, or data breach, your team needs to be ready to handle business as usual. If your team can’t, it will cost money, time, and resources that you may or may not have. Building a disaster recovery plan into your technology plan can help you avoid the unnecessary costs that stem from major data loss.

Set Up Rigid Policies for Equipment Requests

As new advancements surface, your technology will eventually need to be supplemented or fully replaced with different software and hardware. Instead of blindly handling circumstances like these, implement a strict budget. Include recurring and periodic elements such as ordering office supplies, purchasing/renewing licenses, and replacing outdated equipment.  

When you’re ready to establish a business technology plan, give DNG a call. Our team is ready to answer any requests you might have.