Windows 10 tips

5 Windows 10 tips that’ll make you very happy

Windows 10 is the go-to for most professional environments. Since most business professionals work inside Windows 10 every day, we created a quick list of useful Windows 10 tips you’re guaranteed to love. Let’s take productivity to the next level.
Women works with secure mobile data while on the go.

Mobile Data Security: 5 tips on how to secure mobile data

With more employees sharing time between the office, home and on the road, protecting mobile data is a major security concern. Here are simple steps on how to secure mobile data.
Mobile devices leverages BYOD policy.

What to include in your BYOD policy: 3 key elements

A BYOD policy is important for data security in a mobile world. Here are 3 key elements you should include in your BYOD policy.

Here's how to PROPERLY dispose of old technology

Ever wonder how to dispose of old tech? If you have, good. There are a few things to consider before you take that old gadget to the dumpster out back.
Rows of colorful data.

Can you delete data? The answer isn’t so simple.

Don't get lost looking for a deleted file. With a few simple tips and tricks, you can recover almost any deleted file quickly and completely. Take a look at what really happens when you delete a file or move it to the recycle bin.

7 things your disaster recovery plan should include

Disasters happen to all businesses. The trick is to overcome that disaster in a reasonable time frame without massive data loss. With a disaster recovery plan, you can.
Man wonders about data backup in front of question marks.

What is a data backup and how does it work?

At this point, we all know it’s important to back up company data. But what exactly is a data backup and how does a backup work? Let’s take a quick look at data backups and cover the 4 basic types of backup solutions.
what happens to data when you die

What happens to data when you die?

What may seem like a straightforward process, is anything but. If you’re wondering what happens to your data when you die, you’re not alone. Let’s take a quick look at data after and the challenges it brings up.

5 examples of everyday data disasters

Data disasters are not limited to major incidents. In fact, the most common causes of data loss are due to everyday occurrences. Knowing what can happen will help you develop a how-to solution before your data is gone. Take a proactive approach to these five everyday data disasters.
A street sign symbolizes data loss

Data loss stories: 2 companies lose data the hard way

When it comes to your company’s data, a breach isn’t the only way it can up and leave you. In fact, many large (and very notable) data loss stories have nothing to do with hackers and a subsequent data breach. Here’s what we’ve got for you.