what happens to data when you die

What happens to data when you die?

What may seem like a straightforward process, is anything but. If you’re wondering what happens to your data when you die, you’re not alone. Let’s take a quick look at data after and the challenges it brings up.

5 examples of everyday data disasters

Data disasters are not limited to major incidents. In fact, the most common causes of data loss are due to everyday occurrences. Knowing what can happen will help you develop a how-to solution before your data is gone. Take a proactive approach to these five everyday data disasters.
A street sign symbolizes data loss

Data loss stories: 2 companies lose data the hard way

When it comes to your company’s data, a breach isn’t the only way it can up and leave you. In fact, many large (and very notable) data loss stories have nothing to do with hackers and a subsequent data breach. Here’s what we’ve got for you.

2017 Data Breaches: The top 5 breaches you need to know about

2017 was a year of data breaches, with a range of high-profile companies making headlines for incidents in which millions of user profiles were compromised. Here we provide a list of the top five data breaches of 2017. Read on to find out the when, how, where, and why of what went wrong.
Internal data breaches are a real threat.

6 real-world examples of internal data breaches

Organizations tend to place a great deal of emphasis on protecting…
social engineering attacks SMBs

A 3-part guide to beating social engineering

We could list all the online threats for you, but we’d rather…

5 ways to train your employees on cybersecurity

If you ask your employees, they will tell you that they are careful…

The definitive guide to data protection in Colorado

Consider this your definitive guide to business data — learn what complete data protection looks like for your Colorado business.
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5 reasons our Complete Care solution was made for your business

We’ve dabbled in technology for quite some time now. You could…

Cybersecurity: The 3 reasons your business will never be totally secure

When it comes to your business and its data, nothing is ever…